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CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) -  BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer Dietrich Thrall (MARAZENE), have announced several more contributors to the bands growing list of special guests.


Drummer AARON 'MONTY' MONTGOMERY of platinum rockers TRAPT will contribute drums on "THE PLEA", a track expected to appear on the bands debut full length album. Said Monty, "Had a blast working on this project and in particular 'The Plea.' Awesome track with kick ass industrial rock drive that has the melodies to match. Watch out for these guys!"

LACEY CONNER with guitarist CHRIS TELKES during the NOCTURNE days

Current THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS guitarist CHRIS TELKES has contributed guitar on the bands announced debut single "THE CRAZIES". Chris is perhaps best known for co-founding the industrial rock band NOCTURNE with LACEY CONNER (VH1's ROCK OF LOVE). BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING are expected to announce a release date for the digital single in the coming weeks.


SKINLAB guitarist PROVO PROVENZANO (RIKETS, EVERYBODY PANIC!) will add guitars to "REVEILLE". "REVEILLE" is the the expected second digital single from the band expected in the Fall. Provo has also been the engineering force behind the project with tracking taking place at PIRATED SOUNDS STUDIO and BELL LAB RECORDINGS both located in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area. "BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is one of the most exciting projects I've worked on lately," Provo commented. "DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the DIY ability and attitude to get it done right."

DieTrich Thrall

"Real talented and cool bunch of guys who I am beyond thrilled to have on board the very first Beauty In The Suffering songs - the tracks they sent us have been top shelf embellishment," Dietrich offered. "Provo has been been my weapon of choice in helping me realize these tracks at the level I always heard them in my head so a very big kudos to him for that as well." 
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING previously announced ANGEL BARTOLOTTA (DOPE, TEAM CYBERGEIST) as having supplied live drums to "THE CRAZIES" in February of this year while drummer CHRIS EMERY of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE was reported to have completed work on seven additional BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING songs in a marathon 15 hour session last December. 

Dietrich is best known for his co-founding and co-visionary role in the industrial-metal band MARAZENE (later called MARAZENE MACHINE). From managing the band during its most active and successful national touring years (2006-2008), to co-producing the band's critically hailed cover of MÖTLEY CRÜE's "Live Wire" in 2011 as well as the band's lone official full-length album ("MachiNation", 2006), to writing fan-favorite tracks such as "Give", to guiding the band's philosophical and edgy lyrical approach ("AnTiThesis", "Infidel Society"), to producing multiple videos for the band, Dietrich's contributions and influence are heavily noted.

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