Friday, August 9, 2013

Church of Void: “DEAD RISING” a new taste for the lovers of innovations; Album of the Month!

Sound travels dating to a lost age and the wind of changes. We face a temporal revolution of ideas in which different musical concepts are becoming more and more pronounced. One of this cases in my humble view is this new Finnish quintet (Magus Corvus-vocals; G. Funeral- lead guitar; A.Darkschneider- lead guitar; H. Warlock- bass guitar, bc vox; Byron V.- drums) with their debut album “Dead Rising”. 

Formed in 2010 Church of Void carries along its way the unmistakable smell of the 70´s hard rock without letting themselves become the obvious and opting for obscure blends of elements such as slower rhythms, gloomy melodies, gothic atmospheres and metal lots of raging metal. Such variance of sound is easily comprised between a simpler Saint Vitus and a less raw Pentagram but their music speaks for itself with a unique touch to it. 

Dead Rising” is my choice for the album of the month for its personality- simple but great, contemporary yet classic- giving to the listener a wide range of possibilities to identify themselves in a breed of doom and rock. Church of Void leaves nothing behind... since the heavy and catchy riffs infused in a Black Sabbath sound to the slow rhythms and cruel distortions of a Cardinals Folly. You have it all and much more in the compositions that make up this detailed work, eight tracks of well achieved and balanced metal that will not fall in oblivion remaining exciting or at least interesting until the end.

Tristess” is a killer song, the first of the album and a good one to start the mayhem with a punk feeling to it. 
Winter is coming” is the third composition and one of my favorites of “Dead Rising” and emanates five minutes of groovy metal. 
The title track, “Dead Rising” beginning is a brake to the strong and fast rhythms and evolves to a haunting and melodic ambient that progresses continuously. 

This is just a little sample of what you can expect from this great band and their great debut, Church of Void is giving their first steps in the right direction with a new taste for the lovers of innovations.

Church of Void
Son Of A Witch
Winter Is Coming
Dead Rising
Owls Are Listening
The Magician
Entity Of Kalypso
Little Child Lost

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Already having played select gigs in Finland and working on dates abroad, Church of Void recorded their debut album in the spring of 2013. Titled 'Dead Rising', the album will hit the streets on August 30th on CD and LP.

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