Friday, August 16, 2013

Claymords: Killer New Music Video For The Song “Method Of Lies”

Norwegian death/black metal combo Claymords just released a new music video for the song "Method of lies" taken from their new album "Scum of the earth" that will be released by Wormholedeath during the next few months.

The band stated: "Method Of Lies" is the second video from the SCUM OF THE EARTH album. Its one of the faster Claymords songs. It's a song about how the government sometimes hide the truth to protect the people."

Please check it out, it's killer!

In within our dreams
Instant scorpion flavor
Absorb all vengeance
All channeled in despise

Dishonoring the dead
Mistrusting everyone
Speak like a devil
I am the insane

A truly panicked escape
In the depths of darkness
This distance, this hell I am
Crediting all that's wrong

Misery is constant, focusing
Incompetence, reinsuring
Shortcut to a blackened hole
This sinful society I created

Gallery of broken hopes
Saluting our hero
These methods of lies
Our mission, our vision I display
Oppositions, I am them all
Hysterical, in search of fall
Unfulfilled worlds colliding
Humans, I'll sacrifice you all

Music by Eggen, Myrvold
Lyrics by Martila
Solos by Eggen

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