Thursday, August 29, 2013


PRC Music announced the last signature for 2013, BLACK CROWN INITIATE who plays Astonishing extreme progressive Metal! The album opens with a crippling bass line and melodic vocals in the vein of Opeth (a more complex Opeth and what we all wish the Swedes could have recorded 5 years ago) followed by incredibly blistering heaviness. Musically inspiring, BCI is serving the most avid listener curve ball after curve ball… The word “intricate” just doesn't cut it anymore… “Song of the Crippled Bull” is fast, brutal, technical, original… this is totally incredible genre-bending extreme music with top notch production served up by notch musicians!

1.Stench of the iron age
2.Ghost she sends
3.The mountain top
4.Song of the crippled bull

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