Thursday, August 29, 2013

ROOT to release anniversary CD+DVD

On 24th of September, cult dark metal band ROOT will release a special anniversary recording. The release marks an impressively long 25 years of band's existence in the metal scene and consists of exclusive live material, recorded between 2007 and 2012. While the audio disc (and LP version) features the full show recorded at Melodka Music Club (Brno, Czech Republic) on 19th of November 2011, the additional DVD includes road documentaries full of backstage, bonus and exclusive material as well as live songs filmed at Hammer Open Air (Lieto, Finland 2012), Noctis Fest (Calgary, Canada 2010), Brutal Assault Festival (Josefov, Czech Republic 2007+2012), No Mercy European Tour 2007 and a bunch of other shows.

"Viginti Quinque Annis In Scaena" will be available as digipack CD+DVD and a double LP. Preview of the release can be viewed below.

"Viginti Quinque Annis In Scaena" was mixed and mastered at CH-Records Studio by AshokPaul Dread and Pavel Kolařík and produced by the band. 

Featuring the oldest and one of the best extreme metal singers Jiří 'BigBoss' ValterROOT are considered to be the indisputable pioneers of black/dark metal in Eastern Europe. The band has been releasing music and unceasingly touring since its inception in 1987. Up to this day, ROOT played few hundreds of shows worldwide, sharing stage with acts such as King DiamondEnslavedTestamentMoonspellBehemothSodomNapalm DeathNifelheim or Master´s Hammer and released 9 different albums. BigBoss also appeared as a special guest on records by MoonspellBehemoth and Helheim to name few.

For more news on ROOT here.

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