Friday, August 16, 2013

Slovenian Black Metal trio CVINGER release debut EP "Monastery of Fallen"

Slovenian Black Metal trio CVINGER have released their debut EP, "Monastery of Fallen", which was recorded and mixed by CVINGER at Truga Studio in Spring of 2013 and is now available as a Jewel Case CD EP as well as a digital download.

Also available are CVINGER's DEMO/SINGLE "Abyss of Horns" released earlier this year and official T-Shirts, all can be found at the band's bandcamp page.

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The tracks "Monastery of Fallen" and "In Thy Kingdom's Shadow" can be heard below.

1. Chapter 1: Into the Depts of Arcane Sanctuary
2. Blaspherion
3. Among the Crucified
4. Salvation in the Darkest Wrath
5. Chapter 2: Of Ashes and Dust
6. In Thy Kingdom's Shadow
7. Monastery of Fallen
8. Chapter 3: Amen

Lucerus: Voclas & bass
Bagot: Guitars
Krieg Maschine: Drums

Cvinger was founded by vocalist Lucerus, the guitarist Bagot and drummer Kireg Maschine in 2012.

The band recorded demo / single called Abyss of horns in january of 2013 at Truga studio. Shortly after the  released demo they start working on new EP. Cvinger entered the Truga studio in spring of 2013 to record EP Monastery of fallen. The Ep was recorded and mixed by themselves. On 16.07.2013 they officially released EP Monastery of fallen.

Cvinger is old Slovenian word for cemetery walls, were people who committed suicide were buried.

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