Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE COMMITTEE “History is written by the victors. They are the voice of the dead”

"Holodomor" Only 50 copies have been made
In the winter of 2007 the roots of The Committee have been planted. It started with a one man project drafted by Igor Mortis. After the project remained dormant for some time, it accidentally was discovered by the drummer William, who ( after some encouragement ) succeeded in forming a 4-soul strong musical collective. The demo "Holodomor" has been released in the beginning of 2013. As the responses are very positive so far, the band is working on the full release called "Power Through Unity". The recording is planned for the autumn of 2013.

The Committee is a strong collective of international members who dedicate themselves to the art of black / doom metal. The Committee does not conform or support ANY political ideology.  Some of the listeners find the topics of band very controversial, however rest assured! The aim of the band is to present historic facts in a new light and from a new point of view. The motto of the band is: “History is written by the victors. They are the voice of the dead”.

The current residence and strategic outpost of The Committee is Brussels ( Belgium ), however the members have roots from different countries, such as: France, Ukraine, Netherlands and Russia.  The Committee chooses anonymity, due to the sensitive topics they choose to discuss in their music. The fans are very supportive and understand the importance of anonymity! However from the moment of the release of the full album ( end 2013 ) the band is preparing for live concerts.

The Committee are:

Guitars and lead vocals.  Expertise: History, sociology and propaganda 
Drums and percussion.   Expertise: Finance and structuring
Guitars and backing vocals. Expertise: Military and police structuring, strategic intel
Bass and backing vocals. Expertise: Theology, religion and mass movements

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