Thursday, August 1, 2013

Titta Tani and David Folchitto new guests on next DRAGONHAMMER’s album!

Other prestigious collaborations have been confirmed for DRAGONHAMMER’s new and awaited album "The X Experiment" which will come out in December.

The great singer Titta Tani (Ashent, Phoenix Rising, Takayoshi Ohmura, ex Dgm, drummer for Goblin and ex Necrophagia) will perform in a vocal duet in the song "My Destiny" while the talented drummer David Folchitto (Stormlord, Screaming Banshee, Prophilax) will record drums for the whole album. Wait for something really shattering!

We also remind you the already anticipated presence of Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, A.P.D. Mangala Vallis, Ken Hensley’s Live Fire) and Francesco Fareri (Jeff Loomis, Vitalij Kuprij, Virtual Mind) for what seems to be one of the most awaited Italian releases by the end of this year!

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