Monday, September 23, 2013

Blood Mortized: Awesome New Video Clip "Bastard"

Swedish death metal band Blood Mortized has posted a new awesome video clip for the song "Bastard". The track will be appears at upcoming new album entitled "The Demon , The Angel , The Disease".

Gore, blood and more blood "Mortized" as a type of horror film and exploitation film that focuses on the visceral and violence graph and that fit perfectly in the band and in his song. These films, through the use of special effects and artificial excess blood, attempts to demonstrate the vulnerability, fragility and weakness of the human body and dramatize his mutilation, "Bastard" video clip is NSFW and can be seen below.

The new full-length will be released soon and follow up their debut album The Key To A Black Heart "reviewed here" as a Nasty, Dirty, Imposing work!

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