Sunday, September 15, 2013

Comatose Music to Release Re-Recording of Suture debut Carnivorous Urge to Kill October 29th

Comatose Music has announced the release of the re-recording of long out-of-print debutCarnivorous Urge to Kill from Louisiana brutal deathsters SUTURE on October 29th.

Originally released in 2002, the re-recording coincides with renewed interest in the band and a growing interest in the early material. SUTURE recently assembled their original lineup and entered the studio to re-record this entire album, along with a couple bonus tracks from the band's early years. The new recording of SUTURE's debut album will allow death metal fans to now fully appreciate these songs and hear them how they were meant to be heard in the first place. The album now features amazing guest guitar solos by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, DISINCARNATE), Rick Rozz (DEATH, MASSACRE) and Jim Nickles (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION), plus all new artwork that more closely conveys the imagery that SUTURE originally conceived for this release. Carnivorous Urge to Kill will finally be presented in its full glory, and is a "must have" for everyone's brutal death metal collection. Recommended for fans of SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and DEVOURMENT.

Album track "Carcinoma Contagion" is now streaming below.

Pre-order the re-recording of Carnivorous Urge to Kill at this location. 

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