Saturday, September 7, 2013

DARK MAN SHADOW: Victims of Negligence will be released in November

After ten years of silence the new, third ablum of DARK MAN SHADOW is finally ready to be released! "Victims of Negligence" is the titel of the successor to the highly recommended second album "The Shore of Straying". The work on the first audible resuslts since 2003 started already in 2008 and are now accomplished in an opulent masterpiece of Symphonic Black/Dark Metal. "Victims of Negligence" will be released on November 15th 2013.

Here are the facts in short: 

DARK MAN SHADOW – Victims of Negligence
Label: Schwarzdorn Production
Distributed by: Soulfood (Deutschland und Österreich),
NonStopMusic (Schweiz), Plastic Head (UK und Rest der Welt)
Genre: Symphonic Black/Dark Metal
Release: November 15th 2013.


1. Repayment for Committed Injustice
2. Betrayal of Trust
3. Slur
4. Len Dopis (Just a Letter)
5. Due of Commercialisation
6. Seven Seasons
7. Dying in the Corner
8. Majestic Uprising

More information about DARK MAN SHADOW can be found here:

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