Monday, September 30, 2013

Death Toll Rising`s Infection Legacy: Album Of The Month!

Electrified, stupefied, stunned, open-mouthed, melted - these are some of the words that can describe how I was felling when the Canadian quartet Death Toll Rising stuffed my ears with pure infection in death metal format and this is just the tip of the iceberg, to tell the truth I never heard of them before so I wasn´t expecting much from the album “Infection Legacy” but the instant I pressed the play button I realized that it would be my choice for the album of the month. I live for that moment, the moment you hit the play and your head explodes with thunderous notes, the moment you capture the greatness of one band with a few first lines, the moment you instantaneously begin to shake your head like crazy and that precise moment you say to yourself- “this shit is brutal!” 

Death Toll Rising aren´t those metallers searching for innovation, this is that punch in the face metal, raw, vile and straightforward without useless shit but they aren´t also simple and boring believe me. These guys have talent and ingenuity and brilliance when it comes to play metal and they play like there´s no tomorrow.

I was blown away with the beginning of the album, with the quality of every musician, with the crystal clear sound of every instrument, with the ferocious riffing, technical and paced drumming, deep and low growls and high screaming and most of all with the perfect unison between their death metal and a more technical metal that fills the songs with a melodious character proper of some prog bands.

You can hear here and there some well creased influences of bands such as At The Gates, Exhumed, Death, but you can also easily sense some complexity and hardness of bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse.

The best thing in “Infection Legacy” is that it starts with a killing song but as we move through the contagious 9 track work it keeps getting better and better till the end. This is the reason why I was open-mouthed… a 9 track album could go wrong in a heartbeat with too long and too many tracks resulting in a boring and exhausting journey but once again this wasn´t the case. The awesome evolution and continuous maturation of the work is what keeps it interesting and appealing, it´s like a train that loses its brakes halfway and keeps gaining speed, the end can only be a fucking wipe out. The berserk point of the album is without a doubt the song “Malice Incarnate” a full force train without brakes for sure, this song has it all- speed in every instrument and even vocals, technique, blasting rhythm, tasty riffing and soloing- you name it you find it. Thereafter the music gains momentum and when you notice your neighbors are knocking on your door to ask why the hell you are demolishing your house.

With Drew Copland (guitar), Jesse Berube (vocals), Tylor Dory (guitar), Bryan Newbury (drums) and Ryan Berehulke (shares bass duties alongside Tylor and Drew), forming this skilled and talented monstrous entity, the stage is set for some really fucking good instrumental raping and violent shouts. 

If you are one of DeathExhumedCryptopsy or Necrophagist fans, if you are crazy about death metal with prog/technical lines, if you want a punch in the face album filled with eargasmic riffs and solos and with insanely well played drums I think that you will find what you need right here, in the Legacy of Death Toll Rising.

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Death Toll Rising
Infection Legacy – Track Listing
1. Infection Legacy
2. Judas Cradle
3. Scorched Earth Policy
4. Born To Defile
5. Malice Incarnate
6. Crack Open A Cold One
7. Slaughter To Survive
8. Revelation Despair
9. Septic Entity

Self-Release October 22, 2013

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