Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DISBELIEVER: “The Dark Days” album teaser, release dates and new guitar player!

Gothic Rockers Disbeliever just posted on youtube a new teaser for their upcoming album The Dark Days”  which can be seen below.

It’s finally official that “The Dark Days” will be released on October the 7th via The Orchard on the digital markets and on December the 9th worldwide via Aural Music.

Furthermore the band announced the new guitar player Simon Garth with this official  statetement:

We are very happy to announce that Simon Garth has joined the ranks of Disbeliever, as a permanent member! It was never a hard decision to ask him to get on board. We quickly got to know him as a hard working, talented guitarplayer, skilled songwriter/lyricist, and most of all an easy going, loving person, that fit straight in the family from day one! He takes place of Marko Giampaolini, which the band sends a warm thank you for the work done over the years. Please give Simon a warm welcome!”


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