Thursday, September 19, 2013

DISFIGURED DEAD Release 2nd Full Length album "Relentless" / Begin Recording 3rd Full Length Album

New York based Death Metal band DISFIGURED DEAD have released their 2nd full length album "Relentless" via Butchered Records & Sevared Records. Taking influences from such greats as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Sinister, Behemoth & Nile while adding their own style to create 10 new tracks of pure American styled Death Metal. "Relentless" was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Doug White at Watchmen Studios in 2012. "Relentless" as well as DISFIGURED DEAD's debut album "Visions of Death" can be purchased at the following location.

DISFIGURED DEAD have begun the process of recording their third as of yet untitled full length album. The guitars and drums have been tracked, with the vocals and bass scheduled to be tracked this summer. DISFIGURED DEAD are currently seeking a label to release the new album which is tentatively scheduled to be completed in early 2014.

A video containing studio footage for the track "The Process of Decay" from the album "Relentless" can be viewed below.

1. Punishing Atonement
2. Cauterized
3. God Forgives, I Don't
4. Reliquary Bone Enshrinement
5. Deranged Consecration
6. Summoning Execution
7. Death Disguised, Dream Demise
8. Baneful Barbarity
9. Self Dissection
10. The Process of Decay

Disfigured Dead started in early February of 2008 with members who had all been playing together since they were much younger, in several other projects. The original line-up consisted of Everett Thompson as bass and vocals, Dave Gruver as guitar, and Kyle Kratzer as drums and vocals. The members started this band with the intention to make the kind of music they listened to and loved, in the vein of old school death metal.

The trio composed a mass amount of songs and picked six of them to record as a demo to send to several labels. After getting a few bites from labels in the Unitied States and Europe, the band decided to release with Hell's Headbangers. Disfigured Dead would then complete and record another six tracks to compile with the previous selected six, becoming their first full length album, Visions of Death. The band also shot a music video for the song Possessed Dead, to include with the album at the request of Hell's Headbangers, to release as an enhanced cd.

Around the time that the record was released, the band parted ways with Everett Thompson for personal reasons. The remaining two members started writing new songs for another album, however following the completion of about 6 songs, they went on a year long break. Kyle used the break as an opportunity to play in a side project. After the year had passed, Disfigured Dead added two new members, Ryan Kratzer as guitar and Nick Suslik as bass. With this new line-up, Dave added his vocal talents to the mix. The band started to write new material and to revamp previously written material that moved away from the old school death metal sound. The band always had an ideology that they never wanted to create the same album twice, and wanted to demonstrate a natural progression with the passing of time. Between writing, they also began playing live shows with great success. Patrick Pagan, owner of Butchered Records, approached the band at one of their concerts, offering them another show and a release deal with co-record labels Butchered Records and Sevared Records, which they accepted.

The band finished writing, and entered Watchman Studios in February of 2012 to record their second album, Relentless. Per artwork setbacks, the album was released in the early Summer of 2013. Disfigured Dead followed up the release of Relentless with an immediate United States tour. Due to work conflicts, Nick had to step down as a full-time member. This ambitious band is still promoting Relentless and has already started recording their third full length album.

Band picture
Kyle Kratzer - Vocals and Drums
Dave Gruver - Guitar and Vocals
Ryan Kratzer - Guitar

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