Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exhumer: "DEGRADED BY SEPSIS" Death Metal at Breakneck Speeds!!

So today I had the great pleasure to start the day with some grind! A great way to start the morning for sure. What I have been blasting this morning are the Italian brutal death metal hero's Exhumer and their new album Degraded By Sepsis. And what a blast this album is, fast like I don't know what and packed with energy that makes the energizer bunny feel like a old pensioner.

The album is a rather short affair with 11 tracks all more or less clocking in at 2 minuts each so it is not like we are in it for the long haul. It is short but sweet, we are given songs filled with a lot of blast beat, but what ells would you expect from a brutal death metal album. It is not like these guys are doing anything too original, but what they are doing is writing really killer songs. And I guess that is the most important thing. The songs are fast (no shit??) filled with great breakdowns that really give the neck a good work out. The riffs are technical without becoming unbarring, I think these guys do a good job of writing technical but interesting riffs. Of course the crisp production helps making everything very audible. I'm really digging the technical riffs, they are both well written and well played. Besides the technical runs we are treated to the more Dying Fetus/ Devourment power chord slam riffs aswell. This band actually reminds me of Dying Fetus, and that is in my mind a great compliment.

The playing on this record is top notch, from the breathtakingly fast well I guess everything really. This is really a fast record on all accounts. The drummer is a real beast with supper fast blasts, double bass and fills. The vocals reminds me of the late and great Joe Ptacek from Broken hope, and again for me I can not give an vocalist a higher praise then this. So imagine something similar to Dying Fetus with Joe Ptacek on vocals and you are pretty close, so yeah it is pretty kick ass.

As I mentioned before this album is short, around 25 min long and three of the songs are instrumentals. We get an the intro “Admire Your End”, the middle breather “Misery” and the litle spooky thing near the end “Scent Of Decomposition “. But since it is such a relentless record I don't think it is a problem, and hey. When you are done just press play again, problem solved. In some of the songs there is a bit of piano sprinkled and I think this adds a very eerie touch which a lot of the more brutal death metal bands lack. For example the little breather “Misery” is a piano piece with some really chilling ambiance. And in the title track Degraded By Sepsis we in the midst of all the blasting gets treated to some piano. Really cool stuff that makes this album just the better for me, since I love this kinds of stuff that seams to come out of nowhere.

The production is good, very crisp and clear. And for this kind of more brutal music I think this is a must. Since if not there is a chance that all the great riffs gets buried under the wall of blast beats. And that would really be ashame since there are so many great riffs on this record. So thankfully every instrument is audible and you can always hear what is going on. There are some weird sounds here and there, don't really know how to describe it almost like the they have not mastered it properly and tried to make it to loud or something. It is not that major since it does not happened that often, but it is kind of weird.

So you are a fan of death metal at breakneck speeds? Well guess what, then this album is for you. I often get really bored with this kinds of super brutal death metal, but this once really caught my attention. So if you are a fan of the more brutal side of things you will love this short but killer slab of guttural sludge!  

01. Admire Your Ending
02. Vapours of Cadaveric Mucilage
03. Pungent Aroma of Uterine Necrosis
04. Effervescence of Corroded Coarse Remains
05. Foaming Secretions
06. Misery
07. Enzimas Podridas
08. Adipocere Corporal Glue
09. Scent of Decomposition
10. Degraded by Sepsis
11. Putrescine

Sweden`s Wilhelm Lindh*, "Portuguese by adoption," guitar player,  composer and owner of the Doom / Death Metal band The Gardnerz, reviews here in HeavyHardMetalmania.net. Careful and professional analysis to the music and albums with suggestions of what there is to see and hear ... not to be missed. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!".
This month, EXHUMER will join forces with PSYCROPTIC, HOUR OF PENANCE and DYSCARNATE for The Inherited Sedition European Tour. The tour kicks off on September 20th in Aarshot, Belguim. Dates are as follows:

September, 20 - Aarshot, Belgium @ JC De Klinker
September, 21 - Essen, Germany @ Turock
September, 22 - London UK @ Electrowerkz
September, 23 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Pint
September, 24 - Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks
September, 25 - Cardiff, UK @ Bogiez Rock Club
September, 26 - Margate, UK @ Westcoast
September, 27 - Paris, France @ Glazart
September, 28 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ Metal Assault Festival
September, 29 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Planet 5
September, 30 - Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk Kranhalle
October, 1 - Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum
October, 2 - Ostrava, Czech Rep @ Barrack Music Club
October, 4 - Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Baroeg
October, 5 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Beta

Marco "Furiogrind" Aromatario - Guitars & Insult
Alyosha Danisi - Bass
Paolo Damato - Drums
Diego Fanelli - Vocals & Insults

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