Monday, September 23, 2013

IRDORATH: The Bible as font of lyrical material for I AM RISEN

The Bible has always been a font of thrilling lyrical material for many Black Metal bands. “I AM RISEN”, the latest full-length release from Austria's black / thrash band IRDORATH, continues along this path by collectively twisting and tormenting biblical myths and metaphors into a cynical retelling of the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ  - all spewed forth with enough thrash and sonic venom to leave lessons in your ears.The track listing reveals the tone of the album in no uncertain terms: 'God Raped', which treats the absurdity of the virgin birth; 'Journey to Insanity', which addresses the silent, blind desperation of Joseph as it is revealed that his virgin bride is suddenly with child. 'Undead Christ', 'Liar', and 'Hammer and Nails' challenge a demigod's dying profession of absolute faith, forgiveness and trust in those who condemned, tortured and executed him.

Unearthing biblical mythology is the predominant task here, however, “I AM RISEN” also tackles the flaws and fragility of human faith and the dark places which faith, belief and religion often lead us. With tracks like 'Mother of All Lies', 'Sale of Indulgence', 'Minions of Lust', and'No Human No War', IRDORATH digs its blackened claws in deeply, ripping open skin and revealing that the bones of faith are nothing more than a collection of tall papal tales wrapped in centuries of retelling, loose reinterpretation, and mistranslation.

With “I AM RISEN”, IRDORATH inquire just how far humanity has been willing to stretch such a thin skin of belief around the rotten bones of irrational, dogmatic faith whose very foundation is questionable. The entire album concept is tightly packaged into a sound rooted in Black Metal then further roughened around the edges with aggressive Thrash and Death Metal elements.

“I AM RISEN” contains ten tracks (nine original tracks plus a re-recorded version of 'Windgeist' offered as a bonus track) recorded at Stefan Traunmüller's Soundtempel Studio (guitars, bass and vocals). Andy Classen – whose production roster includes LEGION OF THE DAMNED, ROTTING CHRIST, KRISIUN, DEW-SCENTED, and BELPHEGOR – recorded the drums and handled the mixing and mastering at his Stage One Studio.

The history of the thrash/blackmetal band IRDORATH starts in 2005. Markus (guitar) and three other musicians founded the band,  the first demo "Erwachen" and the first album "Götterdämmerung" (Label Black Lava Records) were recorded and the first gigs were played. During the following years some personal changes happened. From this time on Thomas plays the drums and Esche performs on the rhythmguitar.

The second album "Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches" was recorded at Soundtempel Studio and produced by Stefan Traunmüller. After finishing the record the singer and the bassplayer left the band, so that there was place for Markus to take over the vocal parts and Mario to join as the new bass player. Since then the lineup is stronger than it ever was before and the band proved their power successfully on stage only one a few weeks later. Furthermore, the german record label Massacre Records became interested and signed the band. The Album "Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches" was released worldwide through Massacre Records in January 2012 and Irdorath were playing lots of concerts that year.

Apart from performing live, Irdorath had lots of ideas for new songs. A new set was born and so Thomas started recording the drums at Stage One Studio in Germany November 2012. After that was finished, the recording of the guitars, bass guitar and the vocals took place once more at the Soundtempel Studio. The new record, which is called „I Am Risen“, was finally mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio. The artwork and booklet design was done by the hand of Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Graphics Studio, who is known for great designs for bands like Manowar, Legion Of The Damned or Korpiklaani.

After "I Am Risen" was recorded the band decided that the time for some changes had come and chose to cooperate with the Austrian Label Noisehead Records!

Meanwhile Irdorath back on stage playing gigs and festivals to gain more and more attention.

God Raped
Minions Of Lust
Sale Of Indulgence
Hammer And Nails
Undead Christ
No Human No War
Journey To Insanity
Mother Of All Lies
Windgeist (Bonus)
Release date on 18 October 2013 via  Noisehead Records

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