Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PURTENANCE "Awaken From Slumber" coming out soon! Exclusive advance track available!

The long awaited 2nd album of finnish Death Metal legends PURTENANCE is finished and soon to be released through Xtreem Music!! After 2012's comeback EP "Sacrifice the King" which got mixed feelings amongst fans, the band not only continued working on new songs, but also added a second guitarist named Ville Nokelainen and entered studios in spring 2013 to record this new album entitled "Awaken From Slumber" at the same time they offered their first shows in 20 years. 

For those who expect a "Member…II", they won't find it here. That album was done over 20 years ago with a different line up. "Awaken From Slumber" album shows the heaviest and darkest side of the band. This is how PURTENANCE sounds 2013!! A fucking crushing, heavy and gloomy Death Metal with inhuman brutal vocals. Those who weren't satisfied with their previous EP should give it a listen to this new album cos they'll be gladly surprised!! 

Track listing for "Awaken From Slumber" is as follows:
01. Intro 
02. Hatred 
03. What Was Hidden 
04. Toxic Death 
05. Field of Terror 
06. Vaikka Paahtuisin Tulessa 
07. End for the Parasites (Called Humankind) 
08. Hour of the Cannibal 
09. Temptation of Suicide 
10. Risen From Grave 
11. Endless Abyss (outro) 

Release date on CD format is scheduled for October 1st, being followed in November by a vinyl version. Just after the release of the album, PURTENANCE will play their very first show outside Finland at RITUAL ZOMBI FEST together with label mates AVULSED, DISSECT (hol), CHRIST DENIED & ONIROPHAGUS in October 12th to take place in Madrid (Spain). 

You can already listen to an exclusive advance track.


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