Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ACCURSED SPAWN announce lineup change, upcoming performance with GORGUTS, ORIGIN

Ottawa, ON-based violent death metal butchers Accursed Spawn have announced a recent lineup change via the group's Facebook page.

“...we promised tons of news over the next little while, so here's one that a few of you already knew, and a few realized at our last show. The one and only Mr. Birch (...From the Deep) is currently holding down the bass lines for us!”

The band adds well wishes to former bassist Andre Lahoud, who is currently playing with Progressive Death Metal outfit Antlion.

In addition to the lineup change, Accursed Spawn have announced they will provide support to Gorguts and Origin on their upcoming December 18 stop in Ottawa.

Upcoming dates: 
12/18: Black Widow Promotions Presents: GORGUTS /w ORIGIN, NERO DI MARTE, ACCURSED SPAWN. Mavericks Bar (221 Rideau St), Ottawa.


About: Formed in May 2010, Accursed Spawn is a band hell bent on delivering speed, technicality, and raw aggression. Drawing inspiration from the darkest corners of extreme music, we fully intend to rip your throat out and gouge your eyes with our vulgar, deranged music.

For more information on Accursed Spawn here.

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