Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cosmothrashers BEAST unleashes new track "Nuclear Devastation"

Below can be heard the track "Nuclear Devastation" as a preview for the upcoming debut album entitled INFERNAL HANGOVRE ... WRECKED IN SPACE by the spanish  cosmothrashers BEAST.

INFERNAL HANGOVRE ... WRECKED IN SPACE will be released through SLANEY RECORDS, label which released albuns of bands like RAZORMAZE or VINDICATOR.

The album is due to be released in November.

01. Hangover Side (instrumental).
02. The Astrobastard (from Outer Space).
03. Hollywood Disaster.
04. Nukes for Food.
05. Black Death.
06. Wrecked Side (instrumental).
07. Nuclear Devastation.
08. Atomic Nightmare.
09. Infernal Hangover.
10. Thrill Killer.


Beast consists of five space drunkards, coming of an earth destroyed by nuclear wars... they chose to fight against humanity's fate. Their plan: Reshape the Future by changing the Past in order to defend the spirit of metal.

Beast is just some goddamn thrash metal for you maniacs! Schedule a space ride to one of their gigs, and live the Beast’s experience!

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