Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIGMETALWORLD announces compilation album "Volume V: The Devil You Don't Know"

NY based, metal music distributor DIGMETALWORLD Records have announced that its fifth compilation album is called 'Volume V: The Devil You Don't Know' and it will be available on Monday November 11, 2013 via its official digital download page.

The new compilation album will be available for free download and it will include metal bands from Chile, Brazil, USA and more. See the full list of bands/tracks below:

1. ATOMIC HEAD (I Want You) (Chile)
2. PIROSAINT (Tonight) (US)
3. DYNAHEAD (Abiogenesis) (Brazil)
4. DESECRATED SPHERE (Departure from the Flesh) (Brazil)
4. DEMENCIA (Overload My Blood) (Chile)
5. G.E.N. (Farewell) (Chile)
6. NAIOTH (Mental Walls) (Chile)
7. FUKA (Cierra Los Ojos) (Chile)
8. SILVERJACK (El Control) (Chile)
9. MIERDASTER (Infierno) (Chile)
10. WARBREAT (Hell Fire) (Chile)
11. MALDITO (Mutilation of the soul) (Chile)
12. MERIDIAN (Meridian) (Chile)
13. MINDPATH (Neverending) (Chile)
14. THE GARDNERZ (Exiting Reality Pt.1) (Sweden)
15. SACRED OATH (Snake Eyes) (US)

The previous four albums are also available for free download at the same location. For more information about news and updates visit Digmetalworld Records on Facebook or its official Website.

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