Saturday, October 12, 2013

DYING GORGEOUS LIES: Dangerous wild vocal storm of throat-amazones!!

When the style definition "Female fronted Thrash Metal" is used, according inclined Metalheads always hope impatiently for a completely unleashed and dangerous wild vocal storm of throat-amazones. Regarding to this, one gets well treatment by DYING GORGEOUS LIES.

Unbridled musical attitude namely gets fullest correspondent at this extensive adept high-speed note-command in all matters. And this includes even just the mangy as well as decayed, but always worth hearing variable micro-output of the prestigious wildcat Liz Gorgeous.

Founded in 2009, the enthusiastic Upper Franconian bunch of Thrashers around front-fury Liz worked out an enormous agile rythmicized sound of pure defiance. The result are varied songs, which doesn‘t lack neither of refined structures still of catchy moments. This allows the troup to create easily animating needs for movement.

In the homeland of the dynamic chapel, the famous German beer- and brewer city Kulmbach, Metalheads already recognize and appreciate the formation fully. 

Currently DYING GORGEOUS LIES keep their Digital EP "Rising Hate" in the race. "Rising Hate" is intended as an effective appetizer for their upcoming second studio album, which will be on the market in 2014.

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