Monday, October 28, 2013

FEAR THROUGH ETERNITY by Emir Toğrul Out Now; Full Video Stream!

Fear Through Eternity, the audio-visual project from Turkish black metal entity YAYLA is now available through Montreal-based Merdumgiriz Records.

To mark the release of this dark journey, Dungeon Synth is streaming the piece in its entirety.

FEAR THROUGH ETERNITY is an audio-visual project created by the YAYLA mastermind Emir Toğrul. A handmade piece where the borders between music and cinema blur, the digital version of its essence is let loose on the world through a direct to video release.

The 37 minute piece, captured on 16mm film is a journey that fuses together the cinematic influences got from theatral passages, dark arts, the human condition and takes it backward into its essence to humbly stay the visual counterpart of its meditative soundtrack of the same name by YAYLA. Guided by the poetry of its tracklist, the subtle injection of its intertwining concept gives keys to let the viewer drift into chambers of their minds.

Each copy of Fear Through Eternity is handmade; Emir paints the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the CDs and DVDs, and makes everything from scratch. All current and upcoming merch is direct from the hand of the creator himself, there is no limit to the number of Fear Through Eternity CDs, as long as he is alive. Toğrul is also co-owner of Merdumgiriz.

Visit to order.

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