Monday, October 21, 2013


FORENSSICK is a Grindcore/Metal band formed in Madrid around year 2007. They're formed by musicians coming from the Spanish and Colombian scene, having played in bands like EXPIRATION (esp ) (pre-Looking For An Answer), UNSANE CRISIS (esp) and renowned bands from the Colombian scene: PURULENT (col) & CANCERBERO (col).

During all this time, they've played both on national and international stages, together with bands like Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror, Master, Wormrot, R.D.B., Rabid Dogs, Carnivore Disopropus, Looking For An Answer, Thirteen bled promises, Human Mincer, Teething, Dispain, Bitchwitch, Cyanide, Squash Bowels, Misery Index, Hybrid, Rato Raro, Under Vultures, Uncreated, etc.

Their first full length album has just been released entitled "Control/Corrosion" and it's the first reference of Spanish label Goresick Records. 11 songs of Grindcore, Punk, Death and various extreme sounds. On the Bandcamp of the band you can listen to the whole album. Also through there or their email you can ask for the stuff you want: CD, demo, shirts… as well and getting in touch with the band.

01. Himnos No Guerra
02. Las Tres P
03. Elixir de lo Grotesco
04. Total Apocalipsis
05. Reglas del Caos
06. Legionarios
07. Cristo Te Ama Gusano
08. Plaga de Ratas
09. Forenssick
10. Infierno Más Cruces
11. Silencio es Definición

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