Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FUCK OFF "Smile As You Kill" Out now 23 years after!

3rd album, 23 years after their two mythic works, pioneers of Thrash Metal in Spain that returns with an intense album of pure Speed/ Thrash Metal from the old school with a genuine sound. FUCK OFF are back killing with a smile of bloody vengeance!!
Mastered by swedish mastermind Dan Swanö and cover artwork by great greek artist George Kolokas.

Fuck Off
1. Azor 
2. Doomed From the Cradle 
3. Gardens of Stone 
4. Smile As You Kill 
5. The Priest 
6. We Are Back in Town 
7. Impera la Corrupci√≥n 
8. People in War [2013] 
9. Long Live Rock & Roll [Rainbow]

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