Thursday, October 10, 2013

HARM To Release Cadaver Christi October 25th on FDA Rekotz

Death Metal maniacs HARM finally crawl out of Hell and present their long-awaited debut albumCadaver Christi, which will be unleashed October 25 on FDA Rekotz. 

HARM is walking a special classic Death Metal path. At various points throughout the album you'll hear the sounds of ASPHYX, PUNGENT STENCH, AUTOPSY, and NIHILIST. Discover the dirty, unholy side of classic Swe-Death Metal. Catchy, buzzy, rancid, stinky and totally rotten tunes straight outta Hell! The cover artwork was created by the mighty Juanjo Castellano.

Stream the title track from Cadaver Christi.

A promo video for the album is now playing below.

My Name Is Jack
Burn The Saints
Cadaver Christi
Divers Of Death
Blood For God
When The Tigers Roar
Mustard Gas Terror
Nuclear Holocaust
Cross Desecration

Harm was founded in October 2009 by Solfernus (Ex-Nebiros/Ex-Vulgar Degenerate), Stefan (Ex-Muerte/Ex-Gorerilla/Violation Domain), Fabian (Ex-Muerte/Ex-Gorerilla) and Barkley (Ex-Morvan/Ex-Gorerilla/Ex-Violation Domain). Five months later, the band recorded its first demo at Knicki Knacki Studios. Entitled God Forgives... My Chainsaw Not!, the recording features eight tracks of kick-ass, old-school death metal. From there, Harm made a name for themselves by gigging around their native Berlin, Germany. In September 2011, Harm signed a deal with FDA Rekotz. In the fall of 2013, Harm will release their full-length debut, Cadaver Christi.

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