Saturday, October 12, 2013


The wait is finally over and MALEVOLENCE fans can rejoice onward as the band have decided to sign with the American label CARBON MEDIEN after a very hefty period of dialogue and negotiation. CARBON MEDIEN feels extremely proud of this achievement and the third release for the band, will mark the very first for the label.  Says CEO Derek Silver, “I have been a fan of MALEVOLENCE since day one and back in 2003 I even had the opportunity to meet Carlos personally in the USA and since then we have been in touch. From the very first time I heard their promotional work CELEBRATION OF DYSFUNCTIONAL BECOMING that I knew in advance that they were going to publish the best material since their inception. ANTITHETICAL took a while, but for the better, as this album will be reckoned as one of the greatest metal albums of all time coming out of the Portuguese territory! We, at CARBON MEDIEN are looking for a strong cooperation on all levels and we hope our love and dedication to the band will garner them even more recognition than the one they already posses out here. ANTITHETICAL is a great opportunity for people to discover great music”. ANTITHETICAL marks the third album by the Portuguese act and it will be available globally from November, 22nd 2013 throughout the alliance of CARBON MEDIEN to one of the largest distributors in the world associated with INTERSCOPE RECORDS/UMG. ANTITHETICAL will be available in hundreds of online stores, mobile services and streaming companies all over the globe. To mark the occasion a third single from ANTITHETICAL will be released during the next weeks.

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