Friday, October 18, 2013

Spirits of the Dead Return with New Album

One of Norway's finest exports, Spirits of the Dead, announce the UK release of their third album Rumours of a Presence, coming to our shores on December 9th.

Their incredibly skilled brand of psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock has made a striking impact with critics here in the past and they've only got better since. Currently on tour with Graveyard and with an evergrowing fanbase, Spirits of the Dead are firmly establishing themselves as stalwarts for the rock genre.  

Check out this album sampler to hear for yourself.

... Sometimes it is hard to be an optimist, but when Spirits Of The Dead are plugged in and letting the magic flow through their fingertips, this moment in time feels like something to be celebrated, the future looks bright and the world is a weird, wild and wonderful place. All you need to do is listen…
Rumours of a Presence
Spirits of the Dead
New Album ‘Rumours of a Presence’
Released December 9th on The End Records


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