Friday, November 29, 2013

ERUPTION "Lifeless Paradise" (re-issue) coming out soon. "Fractured" Official Video Available!

Slovenian thrashers ERUPTION will see their debut album "Lifeless Paradise", originally released in 2009 by On-Parole Prod., re-issued by Xtreem Music with remastered sound, two bonus tracks and totally revamped cover artwork. This work marked the debut (after their 2007 demo) for this killer band devoted to the sounds of the good old Bay Area Thrash from the 80's. Any lover of bands like VIO-LENCE, ATROPHY, FORBIDDEN, ACROPHET, TESTAMENT, EXODUS... should keep an eye open for this band!!

The re-issue of "Lifeless Paradise" will be released on December 15th and you can actually hear the song  Prayers Betrayers.

You can also check the band's latest video-clip of the song "Fractured" from their 2nd album "Tenses Collide", also released on Xtreem Music in December 2012. Watch below.

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