Saturday, November 23, 2013

Solacide: "Waves of Hate" Reviewed

Solacide is not the usual in the face death/black metal band. These guys are creators and breeders of metal tempests in the verge of bands such as Vital Remains, Melechesh, Opeth, Beyond Creation, IMMORTAL but in their own unique way. Explosive compositions of death and black with a progressive twirl is the offering and when it comes to ignite the stage they do it with unparallel energy. The mood is aggressive and persistent but also intellectually sharp; you can expect professionalism and a destructive ambient that will keep you “observant” and mindful and at the same time reckless and lunatic.

Murder of solace aka Solacide bring us an EP entitled "Waves of Hate" which is nothing more than the re-arranged and re-recorded  2006 demo of the same name, but including two bonus tracks live in Kouvola in 2010 during the Disaster Tour and of course a new artwork. These bonus tracks are - "God on Fire" from the EP "Baptized in Disgust" 2009 and "Nothing Weak Survives" This serves perfectly as a taste for the full-length album that is currently being recorded, scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2014.

 ... it gives you a reason to live , it gives you a reason to be, giving me a reason to hate.

1. Waves of Hate
2. Your Worst Enemy
3. After the Fall
4. God on Fire (live)
5. Nothing Weak Survives (live)

Gökhan Korkmaz - Lead Vocals 
Kimmo Korhonen - Guitar, Vocals, Synth 
Joonas Vanhalakka- Guitar 
Sami Tikkanen - Bass 
Matti Jauhola - Drums 

Solacide recorded their newest EP “Waves of Hate” during winter-spring 2013 at their own studio in Lahti. EP consists of 3 studio songs and 2 bonus live songs, which were recorded during their DisEaster Tour in 2010. “Waves of Hate” was mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä (Gloria Morti, Before The Dawn) at SoundSpiral Audio. “Waves of Hate” is released through Gravity Entertainment on 2 September 2013 and is distributed by Plastic Head Distribution / Code7 Music. 

Music & Lyrics by Kimmo Korhonen 
Artwork by M. Kankaanpaeae 
Additional Keyboards by Veli-Matti Kyllönen 
Clean Vocals at "After The Fall" by Kimmo Korhonen

facebook.Solacide | solacide.bandcamp

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