Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS Releases New Video "Sleeps in Burning Hills"

Following the recent unfurling of their mammoth new Drifting Towards The Edge Of The Earth 2xCD full-length, Connecticut doom metal trio, WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS, has released a brand new video from the album.

Directed and edited by Charlie Winthal and the WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS' founding guitarist/vocalist, Aaron Lewis, the more than eleven-minute-long video tells the harrowing story for the third track of the album's first disc, "Sleeps In Burning Hills." The disturbing imagery of the tune comes to live in a bleak and ominous visual mini-movie now playing at The Obelisk, stating of the video: "Culminating in quick, vague jumpcuts that give way to eerily peaceful footage of forest sunset, there's a sense the whole time that something vile will happen, is happening, has happened. Lewis doubles as a photographer and is no stranger to fetish-based work, and it's precisely that air of sexualized violence/violent sexuality that comes through across 'Sleeps in Burning Hills.' I won't spoil the narrative thread, but things hardly seem to turn out well for the lady in the white dress. Take that, purity."

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