Tuesday, December 24, 2013

24th December 2013: Oh no, Jesus help me... it's Fucking Xmas again!!!


Carrying on the tradition that it started in 2008, Misantrof ANTIRecords has, like every year so far, released its Christmas compilation, titled «Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas Volume 6». The album takes an irreverent poke at what Christmas has become. This year’s compilation is again, for your pervert delight, a double CD release, thanks to the amazing interest it has arisen among bands, and then it contains 28 tracks of varying genres, wantonly based on the sick meanings of Christmas. The tracks have been newly written and recorded for this release and like all Misantrof releases this compilation is available for completely free download, together with cover art and info at misantrof.antichristmas2013

By making Misantrof entirely non-profit and allowing the bands to keep all the rights to their music and control all decisions regarding their releases, we have offered bands a viable alternative to the established labels, especially at time when few, if any, are willing to take risks with new bands.

Regarding the ANTIChristmas albumsIf you're reading this you probably don't really love Christmas and its meanings. Humanity is great in creating sick things for everybody to believe. It is such a pity that last year the armageddon did not happen as we wished with our 2012 compilation. So, doomed to live on, our xmas joy reaches such unholy levels in knowing you'll love this new stream of free music, and since Christmas has lost whatever religious significance it had, and it has become a sick orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money to buy stuff they don't need and probably cannot afford, this makes us definitely proud.
All the bands featured have allowed us to use their music for free, even paying their own studio costs, beers, food, drugs – Again our different view of xmas, made for pure enjoyment and cost-free self-indulgence.
Mastered in the sickness of Misantrof Studios during a truly insane December 2013.
Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Vrangsinn
Cover artwork by Somber Von Plaag.

01) 26Z - Catorthoseis
02) Air Raid Patrol - Jihad
03) Aliaa Magda Elmahdy - Prayer
04) Johnny Haschkeks - Deadline XI
05) Glomb - Schwäbisch Black
06) Inabsentia - Asylum
07) Terra Australis - Vehement Carnage
08) Svarthaueg - Ritual VII
09) Throne of Baal - Epiphany
10) Throne of Malediction - Serpents Birth
11) Purification Kommando - March To War
12) Sinners Art - The Greatest Deception
13) Dauden - Once Victorious
14) Gebrechlichkeit - Festmahl Für Die Falschen Götter
15) Drachenord - The Vision Key
16) Mystic Rites - And Condemned, They Shall Be
17) Maledixit - Under destruction

01) Plaag - Misantrof Time Again
02) Memoria - Crystal Flies
03) Malignant Monster - Embracing Hell
04) The Terrors - Our Lady Of Suffering
05) Mors Voluntaria - Santa Is A Rapist
06) Vrangsinn - Dead Happy
07) The Small Penis Syndromes - The Best Blowjob Ever
08) Untermensch - Dark heaven
09) Slave Steel - Yells Against Time
10) Noisekraft - I Won't Be Home For Christmas
11) Arnstein Dozer - Litt klein

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