Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ekove Efrits releases new album "Nowhere" Full Streaming!

The new album from Ekove Efrits entitled "Nowhere" is now released and available for free download, $5.00 download, and in CD version for $8.00 plus shipping. The CD version comes with a thick sixteen page booklet including information and lyrics.

Ekove Efrits, the atmospheric project of Saman N. hailing from Tehran, Iran returns with a follow-up to the 2011 album “Conceptual Horizon.”With “Nowhere”, the fourth full-length album from Ekove Efrits, Saman shows a continual evolution in his songwriting and recording abilities, not deviating far from the sound and identity of previous Ekove Efrits albums but offering fifty-one minutes of twisted, dark, sombre, and atmospheric music intertwined with harsh black metal stylistics, female vocals, and electronic/trip-hop elements, with an added cinematic and film-score like quality which has not been present to this degree in any previous Ekove Efrits album. Certainly a tour de force for this unique project, “Nowhere” will deliver a total trip for the mind and promises to be a visual experience as well as a sonic one! This will certainly appeal to fans of Ulver, Manes, and netra, among others. 

Another interesting element on this album is the collaboration with Megan Tassaker, vocalist of the Australian Gothic Doom band Lycanthia whose vocals appear throughout the album and really add to the ethereal and melancholic sound. Mastered by Barry Gardner in the UK and with contributions on the album art front from surrealist Norwegian artist Jessica Enneby Eldenstjärna in addition to Saman who is a graphic artist by trade, this album aims to be a complete immersive experience.

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