Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GARTH ARUM: "The Dawn of a New Creation"

GARTH ARUM is the brainchild of Nightmarer, vocalist and guitarist of spanish Avant-garde Black metallers As Light Dies, GARTH ARUM is the project of a lifetime and takes music experimentalism one step further in extreme Metal, adding elements of ambient sounds, classical compositions and dreamy electronics. The collation of such disparate layers and textures on GARTH ARUM's first album "The Dawn of a New Creation" (1000 copies released by the Russian label Satanath Records) is simply astonishing and form a very fluid, eclectic and cohesive whole.

GARTH ARUM's music can be light or dark, vehement or gentle, romantic or hopeless, evoking images of desolate landscapes in one minute and surreal fairytales in the next one. The versatile 11 tracks of this enthralling debut album were composed throughout the last fifteen years and featuring some magnificent collaborations from some artists which enriches the work.

The Dawn of a New Creation
01 - A New Creation
02 - Shadows of the Past (mp3)
03 - A barrage of Hate
04 - The Path to Oblivion
05 - Labyrinth of Lies
06 - Rusty Hands
07 - Trip (part I)
08 - Lucid Dreams
09 - Like an Angel
10 - Yearned Freedom 
11 - Trip (part II)


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