Monday, December 9, 2013

New Hypnotic Dirge Records digital compilation albums available for free download now!

Presenting the latest edition(s) in the annual Hypnotic Dirge compilation albums which have always been (and always will be) available for free download. This year, due to the enormous size, we've decided to release two compilation albums simultaneously.

The compilations are divided into vaguely Black Metal and Doom Metal variations. It's not an exact science due to the diversity of bands and tracks included, but the idea was to try to have a similar "feeling" throughout and to make each compilation more digestible rather than a huge monolithic entity.

The first “disc” entitled “The Wild Haunts Us Still; Decay and Atrophy” presenting the more Black Metal-related side includes material from Hypnotic Dirge artists Obsidian Tongue, Frigoris, Galaktik Cancer Squad, In my Shiver, Ekove Efrits, netra, Windbruch, and Epitimia while also presenting guest bands Zgard, Psychotic Gardening, and Dråpsnatt. Also of note on this tracklist is the In my Shiver cover song of “Lullaby” from The Cure.

The second “disc” - entitled “The Wild Haunts Us Still; Disillusionment and Indifference” presenting the Doom Metal related material includes tracks from Lycanthia, Odradek Room, Vin de Mia Trix, Subterranean Disposition, and stroszek from the Hypnotic Dirge side, while also including Wine From Tears, Negative Voice, Cuckoo’s Nest, As Autumn Calls, and Truthseeker (Brendan from Obsidian Tongue’s other project) as guest artists and including two widely different cover songs, one of which is Madonna`s “Frozen” covered by Subterranean Disposition and including a guest saxaphone appearance and the other being “tecumseh valley”, a Townes Van Zandt song covered by stroszek.

Here are the track listings and streaming/downloading links:

The Wild Haunts Us Still; Decay and Atrophy
(Mostly Black Metal)

I - Frigoris - Frühlingsnacht (7:10)
II - Obsidian Tongue - My Hands were Made to Hold the Wind (7:47)
III - Galaktik Cancer Squad - In Lichterlosen Weiten (12:02)
IV - Psychotic Gardening - Withering Servant (5:40) 
V - Zgard - Stars in the Night Sky (7:44)
VI - In my Shiver - Lullaby (The Cure Cover) (7:34)
VII - Windbruch - No More Entry, No More Exit (10:24)
VIII - Epitimia - A Flash Before Death (6:24)
IX - In my Shiver - Empty Wealth (8:58) 
X - netra - Enter the Void (7:08) 
XI - Ekove Efrits - Public Theatre (5:26)
XII - Dråpsnatt - Gasten (8:02) 

The Wild Haunts Us Still; Disillusionment and Indifference
(Mostly Doom Metal) 

XIII - Lycanthia - Ablaze the Wheel Turns (6:06)
XIV - Wine From Tears - Allergic Sun (6:30)
XV - As Autumn Calls - Darkness Everlasting (8:23)
XVI - stroszek - the house told me (4:23)
XVII - Subterranean Disposition - Frozen (Madonna Cover) (8:03) 
XVIII - Cuckoo’s Nest - So close, too far away (8:55)
XIX - Truthseeker - Footprints (4:43)
XX - Odradek Room - Inflorescence of silence (6:25)
XXI - Vin de Mia Trix - Metamorphosis (8:19)
XXII - Negative Voice - Euphoria from being Depressed (6:30)
XXIII - Subterranean Disposition - Wooden Kimono Fixative [demo] (11:04)
XXIV - stroszek - tecumseh valley (Townes Van Zandt Cover)  (5:39) 

Words of HDR
"We hope the two compilation albums released simultaneously will serve as a nice introduction to Hypnotic Dirge if you’re unfamiliar with the label, while also simply being a nice collection of songs from the Black Metal and Doom Metal underground, especially from particularly eclectic and experimental artists. Those familiar with HDR already will hopefully find the compilation fresh and interesting regardless due to the additions of all the guest appearances and exclusive cover songs.
Enjoy! Please share this compilation with others!"

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