Friday, December 13, 2013

stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures double-album out now!

claudio alcara
The new compilation double-album from the dark folk/acoustic project stroszek aptly titled "wild years of remorse and failures" is now available to stream in its entirety for free, download for $5.00, and is also available as a double-CD release with an extensive 16 page booklet complete with all the lyrics and brand new artwork! Within this new release, you will find all 24 songs present in the "songs of remorse", "the wild hunt" and "life failures made music" albums released between 2007-2009 as well as two additional new cover songs originally from Dick Curless and Townes Van Zandt!

All of the music has been re-mastered and the vocals on the original "songs of remorse" album have been rerecorded as the vocals on the original recordings were one aspect that vocalist and songwriter c. felt were not up to par with stroszek's later recordings. 

The acclaimed early works of the folk/acoustic project stroszek have been sold out and unavailable for quite some time, but now in 2013 we are pleased to reintroduce these monumental albums in the form of a special double-album reissue which includes a complete remastering of all the tracks, as well as rerecorded vocals on the “songs of remorse” album. In total, the reissued double-album will include the “songs of remorse”, and “life failures made music” full-lengths, the “the wild hunt” ep, as well as two brand new cover songs making this a must-have for stroszek fans and collectors who missed the original versions as well as for those who want to hear the updated versions of "songs of remorse" with a more apt vocal performance. Originally released between 2007-2009, this reissue, featuring brand new album art and including lyrics and liner notes allows you to embrace the darkness and melancholy of stroszek once more. 

remorse - disc I 
With carefully strummed minor key acoustic guitars, deliberate yet restrained piano lines, bursts of heaviness added for texture and deep, lush clean sung vocals that relay a sense of dread lurking beneath the surface, "songs of remorse" is perhaps at once one of the most melancholic yet accessible albums of 2007. 

1 - a nightwalk in partille
2 - color of the street
3 - the night porter
4 - the house told me
5 - stones in my throat
6 - bury the bottle with me (Dick Curless Cover)
7 - the railroad track
8 - not even the half
9 - slow sleep
10 - was it worth the wait
11 - wheels to rust
12 - sand

failures - disc II 
stroszek returns with their second opus, the follow-up to 'songs of remorse', with the aptly titled 'life failures made music'; and with song titles like 'the unlucky ones', 'gone by the fall', and 'land of silence and darkness' its no secret that this album is filled with crushing sadness. Take equal parts Neofolk, the fatalist mentality of Black Metal, the darkness of older Alice in Chains, the beautiful acoustics of latter-day Antimatter and the painfully soft, whispered vocals of Tom Waits and it is easy to see precisely why this crushing sadness is what makes this record so damn special.

1 - the unlucky ones
2 - gone by the fall
3 - undead hotel
4 - turn the sky to winter
5 - nighthawks and underdogs
6 - I'll keep everything
7 - the devil's chair
8 - a life failure
9 - land of silence and darkness
10 - tecumseh valley (Townes Van Zandt Cover)
11 - secret of the earth
12 - from mound to mound
13 - green jade
14 - autumnal


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