Monday, December 9, 2013

Symphony X bassist started solo project

Symphony X bassist Mike LePond`s new musical project: Silent Assassins. Donate now to breathe life into the recordings, production and whatever is needed to make it big. Let us procure more money to make it big and to make it a success without being reliable on a record label. It is Mike`s baby so let Mike`s dream come true. Donate now! Any amount is welcome! Thank you in advance for your time and donation. Please also share this pressmailing with your media partners/partnerradiostatioins/partnerblogs etc.

Donations can be made here.

The name of the project and the album will be called "Mike LePond's SILENT ASSASSINS". It is a heavy metal/power metal record that combines all the influences of Mike`s favorite bands from the past and present. It is a full hour of headbanging riffs, kick ass vocals, and epic tales. There is something in there for any style of metal you enjoy! Metal Mike (HalfordTestament) is on lead guitar and Alan Tecchio (Autumn Hour, Watchtower) is on vocals.

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