Monday, January 27, 2014

COBRA (Perú): To Hell - Artwork, track list and full album streaming

Some days ago, Heavy Metal act Cobra has revealed the artwork and the track list for their upcoming album“To Hell”. The cover was done by Alan Corpse of Leprous Hands Art.

The band stated: “The artwork was done by our comrade and metal maniac Alan Corpse, he captured the essence of the music of this album and reflected it into a real piece of heavy metal art.”

The songs of “To Hell” are:
  1. Beyond the Curse
  2. Fallen Soldier
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Rough Riders
  5. Beware My Wrath
  6. When I Walk the Streets
  7. To Hell
  8. Inner Demon
“To Hell” will be released on February by the Peruvian label Austral Holocaust Productions and will be available on CD, Die Hard CD and gatefold LP.

The band has stated the following:  ’To Hell’ reflects our compromise with rock and roll and heavy metal music. We have worked very hard in each and every aspect of this record: since the beginning with the recording of the music, the vocals, the lyrics, the mixing process and the artwork in order to have a solid and powerful album“.

Erick Neyra from Austral Holocaust says: “This second Heavy Metal beast proves why Cobra has reached the status they have and managed to keep and inject even more infectious venom in this second assault of purely traditional Heavy Metal”.

COBRA (Perú)

After two years of their previous record “Lethal Strike”, the band has dedicated to play on gigs all over Peru, and since last year they have been working in the production of the new material for this album.

Stay alert for more news on the band’s fanpage.


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