Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HAVOC swe "Statues of Sisyphus" Pre-order available as an exclusive limited edition CD

The fantastic second release from Havok that has only been available as digital download, may be available as an exclusive limited edition cd. You may pre-order it here, and if the band reach 120 pre-orders, it will be printed and sent out to you! If don´t reach the 120 order limit, the Money will be refunded to you.

Statues of Sisyphus is the highly anticipated second album by the Swedish death metal band Havok. The album represents the experience of human existence. With others, with ourselves. The cyclical rise and fall, the Ourobouros of meaninglessness and mundanity. What we are, what we were, what we will remain. A worn philosophical symbol perhaps, but none the less potent, none the less real as it has been proved to us over and over again.

What do you expect?? Be the first to acquire this limited masterpiece HERE.

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