Monday, January 13, 2014

New Skin Under: Full Album stream, Download link available

New York based metal website PoughkeepsieMetal have released the full album compilation featuring ten bands from the Upstate Poughkeepsie, NY area. Download the album entirely for free at its bandcamp page.

The first compilation album in the area of Poughkeepsie, NY includes the veterans of 'Primer Evil' that are currently recording a full album as well as the relocated band 'Pirosaint' that is also recording a full album, among the bands that are releasing their full albums in the few months such as 'Clover' and many others, you can find some local acts that have been touring the state of New York as well as new acts that are bringing new life to the Upstate NY Scene such as Dead Empires, Roargh!, Submit to Suffering, The Begotten.

You can stream the album BELOW.

The full Tracklist is the following:

1. American Dream (feat. The Standard Assault) 00:00
2. See Of Green (feat. Submit To Suffering) 03:32
3. Reaping The Whirlwind (feat. The Begotten) 05:50 
4. Tonight (feat. Pirosaint) 08:52
5. The Devil Inside (feat. Feed The Addiction) 13:18
6. Danny Gloved Her (feat. Dead Empires) 17:26
7. Crucifixion Aftermath (feat. Prime Evil) 22:31
8. Ape Shit (feat. Nasty Bastard) 25:09
9. E.B.S. (Electro Broadcast Shutdown) (feat. Clover) 25:46
10. Seraphim Of Pestilence & Disgust (feat. Roargh!) 29:08

For more information visit its official website.

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