Saturday, January 11, 2014

THAW: Debut album available on vinyl

The crushing first full-length release of Polish post-black metallers THAW has just received another reissue, thanks to joined forces of Third Eye Temple and Godz Ov War Productions. The album previously released on CD (Avantgarde Music) and MC (Instant Classic), this time was issued in two unique versions on vinyl: exclusive transparent blue vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert (limited to 100 copies) and black vinyl in standard sleeve with insert (limited to 250 copies). Both editions featuring completely different artwork.

You can listen to the whole album  HERE


Recent months showed increased live activity by THAW, the band was playing with (among others) Behemoth, Corrections House, Jarboe, Aluk Todolo, Belzebong, Altar Of Plagues and Monarch. Also earlier in 2013 THAWtook part in Metalfest Poland. February 2014 will bring Bewitching The Polonia Tour on which THAW will be sharing stage with Morowe and Mord’A’Stigmata and will continue promoting their debut album.
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