Friday, February 7, 2014

ACT's new album to be licensed by Sliptrick Records

ACT's new album 'World's a stage' is due to be licensed and distributed worldwide by Sliptrick Records, the band follows the path of the fresh Turkish Metal scene, that the label is currently exploring. 

ACT's sounds moves along the lines of Testament, Nevermore, Gojira and draws influences from the likes of  Emperor, Immortal, Hypocrisy and Dream Theater, creating an incendiary blend of social anger filled lyrics and pounding death-thrash that definitely blinks the eye to mediterranean culture.

ACT | World's a stage
  1. The Solution
  2. Walking On The Path
  3. Trapped Nation
  4. No Way
  5. Fratricidal Quarrel
  6. Civil Clash
  7. You Owe Us Blood
  8. Sanguine
  9. It Makes You Right
  10. But I Stare
  11. The Shattered
Recorded & produced by IZO, apri 2013. Artwork by AYBARS ALTAY & ixir tanitimPhotography by METE KEKILLI.

World's a stage

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