Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brazilian Metal band SupreMa released today their brand new video for the song "Fury and Rage"

The video which has been receiving many comments by the photos and making of snippets unleashed on the band's social networking websites, was filmed in the cities of Paranapiacaba and Joanópolis (Brazil) and produced by the experient Nevasca Filmes.

With a careful and detailed production, the band together with the film company used great technological equipment used in cinema and created a short-film emphasizing a drama and horror story.

The quartet's performance alongside actress Mayra Moura (playing "Serena") can be seen BELOW.

To understand the video story, read the synopsis below:

"Serena is a sweet young woman from a small town who frequently has in her mind images of a brutal murder. On a regular day, returning home from work she feels something wrong is about to happen, a chill, a premonition. She walks on through the streets in her usual path home and then realizes there's really something chasing after her, a shadow figure.

Scared, Serena runs home, sweet home at a frightening, faster and faster pace until she reaches the street where she lives in. Nervous, she can barely open the door to that which is her shelter, her safety, her sweet home. When she finally walks in through the door, Serena falls in a parallel dark world. Tormented, Serena doesn't know what to do and gets possessed in a surreal world.

Serena is no longer herself and goes into a psychotic crisis. On certain moments she regains consciousness but is quickly taken again by that which may very well be her real world or even a deep nightmare. She is now a victim of her own mind, sees terrifying things and has no idea how to get out of it. Her home became a labyrinth on an endless psychological torture.

Serena runs away, trying to find a solution and in one of the moments where she regains her consciousness back, she sees again the same shadow figure that haunted her during the walk home. Tormented for being a simple and sweet girl, Serena has to make a heavy decision, fury and rage take over her senses completely and seeing the face of the figure, the surprise... the outcome... the answer to the images that disturbed her since the beginning..."

Music: Fury and Rage
Artist: SupreMa
Album: Traumatic Scenes
Label: Furia Music, Power Prog, Nightmare Records

Video Line Up:
Pedro Nascimento (vocal)
Douglas Jen (guitar)
Fábio Carito (bass)
Fernando Castanha (drums)

Actress playing "Serena": Mayra Moura
Produced by Nevasca Filmes
Director: Raphael Mattos
Director of Photography: Rafael Marques
Editing and Post Production: Alexandre Bordon
Costume Designer: Dani Nolden
Makeup Artist (band): Sabrina Calixto
Makeup Artist (actress): Adri Queiroz
Crew: Max Ferreira
Filmed at Paranapiacaba and Joanópolis, São Paulo (Brazil).


The tour in support of the new album has begun and the band has already visited important cities like São Paulo, Manaus and Maceio. As of right now they are booking dates for the second leg of the tour with the new scenario and structure that is travelling around Brazil! All contacts should be made via Furia Music Productions at contato@furiamusic.com.br.

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