Thursday, February 20, 2014

M:Pire of Evil: Tracklist and teaser of the new album released: New tour soon!

U.K., M:PIRE OF EVIL, some days ago released the tracklist and a teaser for the new album "Unleashed" which is expected to be released in the first half of 2014.


01 Electric Hell
02 The Dead Sea
03 Dein Fleisch
04 Preacher Man
05 Bad Blood
06 Holy Water
07 The Evil That They Do
08 Visceral
09 Some Wicked Thing
10 Black Serenity

The album marks the band's world tour. For those unaware, the M:PIRE will go to Brazil in october for a new tour, which will be based on the new disc and the great classics of Venom. Check out the teaser for "Unleashed".

In related news  M:Pire of Evil Participating in partnership with Brazilian collection and web radio. The worship of the English M:PIRE OF EVIL has at Brazil is no longer a novelty, because of this, the band is among the 20 bands of the Brasil`s collection "Upcoming Hell", which reaches its 12th edition. Enjoy and download the same for free at this link:

01. Absolem - Not Even All Pain
02. Ash Is A Robot - Philophobia Pt.1 (Portugal)
03. Beast - Hollywood Disaster (Spain)
04. Blackchest - Lung of Stone
05. Coldblood - Cross Inversion
06. Darkship - We Are Lost
07. Dunkell Reiter - Assassin
08. Embryo - Save The Planet
09. Godzorder - Trademark
10 . Imago Mortis - LSD
11 . Imbyra - We Stand
12 . Legendary - Old One
13. M- Pire of Evil - Taking It All (England)
14. Odum - New Earth
15 . Omfalos - Cotton Candy Rendezvous
16. Scania - The Rebel
17. Scourge - The Bread That God Crushed
18 . True Hell - Fallen Empire
19. Wael Sami Daou - Xerxes I
20 . Witching Altar - Tower of the Black Wizard

Download it free at the following link:

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