Monday, March 3, 2014


Argentine / Russian, metallers "DOMINATION", are introducing their first album "DOOM IN NATION", you can hear it on deezer or below. For more information about the band and concept of the album you can check it out here and here. Special guest on vocals: Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear). 


2011 saw the birth of this metal trio from the city of Buenos Aires, inspired by the challenge of crossing borders and embracing the concept of early 20th century Russia with the highest posible quality and originality. With these premises they began performing demanding renderings of their story in multimedia shows, which distinctively featured fragments sung in the original language of the narrated events. It did not take long for them to realize that everything they were developing and leading through their music should be appropriately recorded in an album. They began to draft the record in 2012, in Doble B studies. For the occasion, they received the highlighted participation of the internationally renown singer Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray). Since September 2013 the immaculate work of Domination Heavy Metal, a band bound to lead a revolution equivalent to the one they portray in their verses, is available to everyone, anywhere in the world. Nowadays you can find them focused on the presentation of their show. 

Denis Kormakov - Voice & Guitars 
Pablo Martínez - Drums 
Ariel Orsi - Bass
The dignified and stunning Russia will always be a land of legends, of millions of stories under one flag and one nation. It will be the land of myth, cold and puzzling as seen by Western eyes. Its very mention always inspiring awe and respect, this country has been an undisputable actor in human history. 
Its internal events have influenced the globe, not only due to it spanning one of the largest portions in its reaches, but also for being the birthplace of many cultural and political movements of international significance. 
At the beginning of the twentieth century, these lands withstood crucial times, which were intense, epic and wretched, all at once. 
Tsars and their exceeding ambition. Their lack of vision upon the people they ruled and the country's inevitable involvement in both World Wars sowed the way for the infamous October Revolution. 
Influenced by the new ideas of their time, the mobilised multitudes gave an unforeseeable twist to the history of mankind. 
Such circumstances are ideal to be narrated to the beat of Heavy Metal music. 
Domination took up the challenge of doing it from the other end of the world. 
The result: This debut album entitled "Doom in Nation", produced with the utmost care for every single detail. 
As a matter of fact, in order to recite the story, they chose to maintain the original language. 
We can hear their great presence as songwriters and performers, producing a uniquely traditional Metal album, tinged with melodic Power Metal made in Argentina. No to mention that apart from all of these outstanding features, the album boasts the special guest appearance of the acclaimed Ralf Scheepers. Once again, Heavy Metal and history merge to give birth to a conceptual work undeniably distinctive.

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