Monday, March 10, 2014

EMBALMED: "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" Dirty and Nasty Brutal Death Metal!!

Texas Embalmed play some dirty and nasty brutal death metal, fast, slamming and just fantastic. In the bio the band is described as sounding like Pyrexia and Suffocation among others, this meant I had to check this out. Comparing a band to those bands you are setting the bar pretty damn high.
Apparently these guys have been at it on and off since 1991, the album I am currently blasting through my speakers "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" is their first full length album with two demos and some sort of compilation album under their belts.

And yes, this is some very New York sounding death metal. I would say that it is a bit more old school then the before mentioned bands (compared to how they sound now days that is), but great just the same.  So this band should be compared to the Pyrexia and Suffocation of old.

Besides the heavy riffing, what really drew me in to this band was the production. I have always been a sucker for a dirty and rotten production. And this album has it, this reminds me of the productions that these kinds of bands had in the mid 90's, if this was done intentionally to sound like their heroes. I don't know but the production fits the music perfect. I have never been a fan of the too slick productions, so to hear a album come out in 2014 sounding this dirty is amazing to me. And I do mean that in the best way possible.
I have to say that to my old ears this is production perfection, raw, dirty and heavy as a American after a buffet. What I am trying to say that this is one fat production. Morbidly obese I would say.

The song Bathtub slaying is something of the heaviest shit I have heard in years, the opening is amazing and then the song just takes off in a maze of blast beats. To be followed with some insane grooves I am speechless, amazing stuff. Another band that comes to mind is Dying Fetus, mainly for the slamming parts and the grooves.    

The lead work on this album is also very old school, we have the whammy bar chaos leads but also a very tasty melodic lead on the song Penetralia Great stuff indeed.
I guess this leads (see what I did there) us to the vocals. What we are handed on this album is mainly low growls, very deep and power full grunts. The singe/guitarist Ed Taylor has a great set of pipes, I am digging his vocals a lot. His voice is a perfect fit for this kind of old school brutal death metal. The overall performance on this album is really high, from the tight drumming to the great guitar work. And for those of you who love to hear the bass, well you are in luck. The bass is high in the mix, very high. So this is some heavy shit, and the bass tone is fantastic. I wish the bass sounded like this on more albums.    

So yeah Embalmed's debut album "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" is defiantly a winner, a really tubby fucker. Have you heard this album a few times before, well yes, if you like this kind of music I assume you have. But when an album is as good as this one, it sort of makes you forget about that and just takes you on a awesome ride of heavy rotten death metal.    

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1.Regiment of Death 04:49
2.Insurgent Killer 04:50
3.Stalker, Texas Mangler 06:52
4.Brutal Delivery of Vengeance 03:45
5.Bathtub Slayings 04:13
6.Penetralia 02:23
7.Bludgeoned 03:09
8.Bloated Cadaver 04:05
9.Tortured 04:13
10.Crescendo of Violence 04:34
11.Pieces Remain 03:54

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  1. To see Embalmed live is an experience all on its own , a completion of sorts .