Saturday, March 8, 2014

IN ABSENTHIA will be in Bokada Festival and Storm Festival

"Doom Metallers In Absenthia will be present in the next 14th and 15th of March in two important events of the Brazil southern region scene. First in the event  Bokada Festival in Pelotas, which has established itself in the region and is growing increasingly. Then depart directly for renowned Storm Festival in São Leopoldo, who is already in issue # 49. In addition to In Absenthia, will also attend  Trail of Sins (Dark Metal / Pelotas) and Les Mémoires Fall (Doom Metal / SP). Fans of the style that are in the area do not miss the opportunity to follow 3 major bands of doom Brazilian scenario playing together. Additionally, there will be excursions leaving from Rio Grande to Pelotas, on 14, and Pelotas to Sao Leopoldo, on the 15th. Any questions, contact the bands In Absenthia and Trail of Sins directly through facebook. "

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