Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MAGMA LAKE announce new members, preparing new release

Inferis's drummer Cristian Gonzales, have announced that his side project MAGMA LAKE has been joined by Matias Iturra (Naioth/Grouler) on bass and Ignacio Figueroa (Naioth) on rhythmm guitars. With this new line up Magma Lake is currently recording its new EP that will contains 3 new tracks and is set to be released by second semester of this current year. The Drum tracks were recorded at 'Rec studios' in Limache, and the rest is been recorded at Ignacio's personal studio in Viña del Mar.

Magma lake release a single 'Beyond this path' in 2012 via Digmetalworld Records, The track includes the singer Ola Halen (Shadows Past/ ex Insania) as guest musician. You can download this single for free at this location.

Listen to ' Beyond this path' single.

Magma Lake is:
Cristian González(Inferis): Drums & Keys
Ricardo Martínez(Neogenesis): Lead Guitar
Ignacio Figueroa(Naioth): Rhythm Guitar
Matias Iturra(Naioth): Bass
Ricardo Lauria(Hellangels): Keyboards

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