Monday, March 10, 2014

Other Eyes Wise (UK) sign to Wormholedeath and Release "Zer(o)" Today

Other Eyes Wise is a band from London, UK, which has been around since 2011.  The band just signed a multi-album deal with Wormholedeath that will take care of  the worldwide distribution and promotion of their amazing album "Zer(o)" wich is out from today, already available through worldwide stores.

Other Eyes Wise releasing their debut album Zer(0) on 10 March 2014 is the major current activity for the band. It has backing from being recorded at prestigious SARM Studios in London (Live Aid amongst many recordings), and RavensCourt Park Studios (many X Factors artists and pop songwriters).

To celebrate this great event the band released a small teaster on youtube


Other Eyes Wise Stated: "We are absolutely stoked to be signed with Wormholedeath. The Worm himself has impressed us, and we are very impressed with the distribution and promotion capabilities with the label and its network. We are sure this is the start of a great collaboration."

Worm stated: "I am so proud of this signing and my whole team is ready to support this hard working band with this current release and we are looking forward to their second album. I am absolutely eager to work with the guys on the new songs and to produce the new music together. Now check them out they are amazing!"

Please visit the band's facebook page.

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