Monday, April 7, 2014

As Dramatic Homage: Presentation of new line-up in the first show of the year!

AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE will do the first show of the year on April 26 at the Guadalupe Cultural Canvas in Rio de Janeiro, playing alongside the Scutum Crux of Poland and the bands Morbid Symphony, Deathpass and Amort.

In related news the band is preparing a new site ready to expand their music to an audience inside and outside the country,

In the words of the founder of the band Alexandre Pontes the latest changes were beneficial in musical and infield. "The true teaching is valid if viewed as a lesson, but sometimes it is really necessary to break chains to move forward and allow new chances and attempts, with all that had to readapt us many things and situations, but there is something more balanced between ideas, intentions and attitudes, with the arrival of new members I realized a new parameter, something refreshing, balanced enthusiasm that has been good to me, it's refreshing to receive good energy from people who crave the same as you in a group to follow forward, so we're working to make a great concert on 26/04."

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