Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brazilian drummer and speaker Gus Conde travels to Chile this week to take part on one of the biggest South America's festivals.

ODUM drummer Gus Conde has been confirmed as drum tech for longtime friend Gene Hoglan/Dark Angel as well as stage manager for The Metal Fest 2014. The festival will take place on April 26th at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, and will also feature At The GatesHypocrisy and Voivod. Recently reunited thrash metal pioneers Dark Angel will return to the stage for the first time in over 10 years, and will perform a limited number of appearances in 2014.

"It's a great pleasure to be invited to produce a festival of this magnitude and I'm very glad that my name has been mentioned and asked for this event, even with so many professionals available in the music market. Members of Dark Angel are great friends, (drummer) Gene Hoglan is an idol to me that became my friend since we worked together with Fear Factory, Dethklok, Testament, among other projects. I've always been a big fan of Megadeth too, and now with this opportunity to also work in the stage production with them, it's very gratifying", said Gus Conde about the invitation, which can include some more dates in South America.

More information about The Metal Fest 2014 can be checked on festival's official pages: themetalfest.clfacebook.themetalfest.

Throughout his career, Gus has shared the stage with veterans like Biohazard, Exodus and Napalm Death. The drummer also worked with Rihanna, Billy Idol, Rob Zombie, The Cult, Velvet Revolver, among others. Gus stands out as a percussionist for Brazilian rhythms, and he's the first Brazilian to perform at the American Music Awards. Other highlights include presentations at the NAMM Show, the largest music fair in the United States (in 2012 and 2013) and Expomusic, the largest music fair in Latin America (in 2011, 2012 and 2013). In 2013, Gus made an unprecedented speech at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood and an exclusive workshow in Virada Cultural Paulista festival, in Brazil.

Currently, Gus is in the studio producing ODUM's third album, while he schedules some dates in Brazil to promote the "New Earth Tour 2014" and his new workshop. After nine straight years living in Los Angeles, the international drummer, percussionist, instructor and speaker Gus Conde returned to Brazil in early 2011 to study Brazilian music and also directing a documentary about Brazilian drumming (to be released by endorsers in the US and Europe over the next months).

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